A while ago I wrote about how God was challenging me with the words I use and I how I should use them to build up and not tear down. I think in the past few weeks God has really been driving home the whole “honour the people around you” thing. I know it says in Ephesians in the bible that we should honour our parents, (Honour your father and mother – Eph 6:2). The Merrian-Webster Dictionary’s simple definition of honour is respect that is given to someone who is admired. It also defines it as good reputation – good […]

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The weekend away that blessed me

When we got home yesterday evening I felt really blessed by these four young women and their children. We had some really awesome conversations that blessed me and humbled me, as well as helped me put things into perspective. I felt really blessed to be let into their lives for the weekend by sharing some good quality time with them, as well having honest conversations with them over breakfast, lunch, supper or even tea - well I drank the tea and they had some wine.

I think that’s important to share the blessings you receive from God with other people. I also think that the blessings you receive should have a “reverb” effect to the people around you. We’ve been blessed with access to an amazing holiday home in Franskraal and this past weekend we got to share it with some amazing girls and their children. A few months ago Vanessa and Courtney asked Mel if she knew of somewhere that could go for a weekend that wasn’t expensive. She then told us about it and we were like, “the Franskraal house”. I invited them […]

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“Spaghetti” bolognese – The LCHF version

Instead of eating pasta we usually use zoodles, which is grated zucchini so it looks like spaghetti. I got a bit over it and wanted to try something different so I tried cabbage instead. When I mentioned this to David he was very hesitant. Cabbage is pretty gross – it brings up images of it being steamed to a green slimy mush. I have discovered a yummy way of making it – frying it in butter. I did this to make the “spaghetti” part of the meal. For the bolognese part you need; 1 x mince meat punnet 1 x […]

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Amy’s Baby Shower

Katherine Bodmer Blog

Yesterday was round two of Amy’s baby shower and it was lovely. Round one happened at work last week. I am quite excited to meet Amy’s princess in a few months time. I can’t really explain this but I already have a whole lot of love for this baby inside of my heart. It’s only happened once before and that was with Isabella – Chaana’s princess. Before she was born I was filled with a crazy amount of love for her and excitement to meet her which has carried over into getting to know her now that she has been […]

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Lemon and mint chicken

The other day I had some excess mint in the fridge and some lemons. I had also taken chicken out for supper. I decided to try putting all three ingredients together to see if they would work together and they did. In a blender/chopper thing put about a handful of mint leaves, coriander seeds, salt and pepper with lemon juice from one lemon. Blend/chop for a few seconds until chopped. Pan fry chicken breasts in some coconut oil until slightly brown before adding the mint and lemon juice mixture. Cook until ready. I think it took about 15 or 20 […]

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