It will be fun they said…

Katherine Bodmer A little bit of crazy

I’m all for people being pushed out of their comfort zones or facing fears, but I also think there’s a time for this to happen. When it’s not the right time to be “pushed” or to face your fears I think it should be okay to say no. Recently was in a situation that really highlighted this for me. I know I’ve sometimes pushed people a bit too hard to face their fears or to step out of their comfort zones at the wrong time – I am sorry for doing this. This past week we were blessed by David’s […]

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Gather some friends and visit The Spice Route

A couple of weeks ago a group of friends and I went to The Spice Route. Some of us had been there before and some on us, like me really¬†wanted to go – so one evening over supper we planned the event. When I told people that we were going there I was asked why it’s called The Spice Route. I was also told that they don’t know how it got it’s name as there was no spice there. I’m not sure which part of The Spice Route they went to but I found lots of spice there. In case […]

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Camembert, lemon and garlic fish

Last night I think I created quite the flavour explosion with supper. It was also a very experimental cooking experience as I opened the fridge and thought… “I wonder if this will work with this”. I was quite surprised that it worked and tasted amazing. Here’s what I did.   I defrosted two hake fillets and placed them on some tin foil. I sprinkled some salt onto the fillets then layered some sliced lemons on top with some sliced garlic and Camembert. I topped it off with a sprinkling of Nomu fish spice. I then wrapped it up in a […]

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Strawberry and mint ice lollies

A little bit of crazy ice lolly recipe

I’m VERY excited to post this recipe! On a summers day there is nothing nicer than ice cold ice lolly. I LOVE ice-cream, but I prefer eating it in winter so it doesn’t melt everywhere leaving you with sticky hands and a thirst that only a river of water can quench. I really enjoy eating ice lollies in summer as I find them more refreshing than ice-cream. I Googled recipes for ice lollies and I never really found one I liked or the ones I did like they needed me to add something I didn’t really have at home when […]

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