7 months of being a mom

I think I was told at least once a month that time goes really quickly and before I know it Noah will be grown up while I was still pregnant. I don’t think I really believed it until Noah was four months old and I was returning to work at the end of my maternity leave. Jump ahead three months and Noah is almost seven months old. In some ways it feels like just the other day I was painting my toenails pink before my last doctors appointment where we actually got to meet our sweet baby lion. In other ways it feels like so much time has passed. He’s gone from a sleeping, drinking, pooping…repeat… baby to a little person. He’s sitting, laughing, eating real food and exploring his world with lots of enthusiasm daily. I think the saying, “the days are long but the years are short” is very true.

In the past seven months I’ve learnt that becoming a mom is one of the best and most challenging thing God can ask you to do. In the challenging moments I learnt all over again that in these moments it’s best to look to God because He will help you through it. I also learnt that when you need wisdom God is faithful in giving you the wisdom you need in the moment. There are two moments that stick out in my mind of when I asked for wisdom and God gave it to me. The first was when Noah wouldn’t settle and I asked God what should I do and i felt like he was saying that I should just lie with him. I did this and Noah calmed down and settled. Another time was at Easter when Noah had a fever. God gave David and I the wisdom with how to handle the fever and what to do to make Noah comfortable. It’s really scary when your baby has a fever or is sick for the first time and you have no idea what to do.

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A few of my favorite moments are the following; watching him discover something new whether it’s something new he can do, his hands, his feet, putting his dummy in and out of his mouth, reaching for things he wants and knowing what he doesn’t want or does want and communicating it with us. I love how he is able to communicate with us through his babbles and sounds. I love making him laugh and watching him laugh with his daddy. I love how he loves bath time – it’s a whole sensory and messy play experience all rolled into one with him. I also love how he is such a happy little boy, even when he has a raging fever and it hurts to cough he still manages to smile and giggle.

I’ve also gained a whole new understanding about love and how God loves us so unconditionally. There is nothing that Noah could possibly do that will make me love him any less than I do now.  This is the same with God, there’s nothing that we can do that will make him love us any less. I understand this now. It’s hard to explain – but I just get it now and it’s really awesome.

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I’m looking forward to the rest of this mom journey that God has me on.


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