We made a little potjiekos

Potjiekos recipe

A while a go, before May this year David and I decided to attempt some potjie kos. I did what I usually do when I decided to try and make something new – I Googled a bunch of recipes until I found one I liked and then decided to change it a little bit. Now that I had the recipe we needed to set a date and then invite some people round for supper to help us eat all that food. I used the following Boland Lamb Potjie recipe found on http://www.potjiekosworld.com/lamb-potjie-recipes/boland-lamb-potjie/print/ Instead of lamb I used beef potjie kos […]

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Baby Noah, we can’t wait to meet you

Maternity Shoot

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:1. I’m really excited for the new season that David and I are about to start in a few weeks time as parents. We’re as ready as we think we can be for Baby Noah to arrive. I can’t wait to hold our new bundle of “boyness” and kiss his toes. I  can’t wait to see what his personality and character will be like or discover what food he likes, I hope he’s not as fussy an eater as me, or what he likes to […]

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Seeking God

seeking god, experiencing god

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8. I think this is often one of those verses that we like to quote when people ask how they can experience more of God in their lives. It’s one of those “nice” verses that seem easy to do. It also seems easy – draw near to God – in other words go and spend time with Him. Do we know what this really means? Do we even know what this really looks like if we were to go and do it? I’m not sure if we do, […]

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Pause a little…

Something like this has happened to me in ages – but it reminded me of something. I really should be more in tune with or aware of what God is doing around me instead of just rushing around doing the day to day things I do. I was walking back to the office earlier and I was chatting to George, our resident car guard. We often chat about random things before the conversation turns to the important things like food. We often give the car guards the left over lunch from work. Unfortunately today there wasn’t. After I said goodbye […]

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A new understanding of what it means to cleave to David

A little bit of crazy_cleaving

I read this article last week and the whole “cleaving thing” has really stuck with me since then. I always thought I knew what it meant to cleave to your husband but I don’t think I ever really thought about it. I also think I had the attitude of, “this is what you do when you get married – you leave your parents and choose to be with your husband.” After reading article on cleaving and then thinking about it I gained a whole new understanding of what cleaving is. It’s so much more than just choosing to be with your husband. […]

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A blonde behind the wheel kind of day

Yesterday kind of felt like and looked a little like this… In the space of four hours I almost blocked my bosses debit card because I forgot the pin so I gave the person using it the wrong code. I had asked her to come with me so they could run in and pay so I could park illegally – there’s literally no parking in Plumstead at lunch time. When I got the correct pin I decided to park properly and run into the shop to tell her I managed to lock my keys in the car. I called David […]

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Yes, I have put on weight… I’m pregnant

I really think that some people need to remember what they were told when they were younger… “If you have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”. I also think some people need a gentle reminder that it is rude to tell people that they have put on weight or gotten fat. It’s never okay to tell someone this – no matter how close you are to them It’s just not okay. I’m also pretty sure the person who has put on weight is fully aware of the fact that they are a few kilograms heavier, you really […]

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Our pregnancy story

When David and I got married we kind of had a plan that when we turned 30 we would have a baby. In my head this meant that on 29th birthday I would go off the pill so that we had baby number 1 by the time I was 30. Well… on my 29th birthday we were so not ready to add a smaller version of ourselves to our family yet. David may have been, but I kind of think he’s always been ready for children. I’ve been the more hesitant one, especially when it come to natural birth. David […]

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A weekend away with friends

A couple of weeks ago we went to Franskraal with a couple of friends of ours and their daughter. It was a great weekend with lots of ice-cream, braai-ing, beach time and chatting. I love really love the Franskraal house – it’s a perfect place to escape from the busyness of life a weekend or for a mid-week break….hint hint David. I also love how it can be shared with our friends – it’s big enough for everyone to come with. Here a few of my highlights from the weekend away. xKx

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Cheesy cauliflower breadsticks

a little bit of crazy in the kitchen

While scrolling through Pinterest as one does one afternoon I stumbled on a link to a great cooking website called Jo Cooks. On her website I found a recipe for cheesy cauliflower bread. When I saw that it was similar to making a cauliflower pizza base I was a bit disheartened. We tried this before and we were not successful. After some thought I decided to give it a try. I also needed to make something to go with the ratatouille I was making. The recipe is pretty easy and the end result is quite yummy. Next time I’ll use […]

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