Real connection

Sometimes I wonder what we would do without social media. I also wonder if we would know as much about people and what’s going on in their lives without Facebook or Instagram. Do we even rely too much on social media to get our message out there to let people know what’s going on in our lives?

Sometimes I think we may know more about whats going on in peoples lives without social media. I say this because it would mean people would actually talk to each other, call each other up and say “hey, this is what’s going on in my life”. On the other hand I also wonder if we would just be islands and we wouldn’t know what’s happening in our friends lives. I feel stronger about my first thought though. Often when I go onto Facebook I kind of just scroll through and not really see what’s been posted because it’s just something to fill time. I also often think people post things to be a bit dramatic and if I feel it is something like that I have the attitude of “you say I’m your friend why haven’t you shared this with me via a whatsapp message, phone call or email” It then leaves me with the question of are we being real with each other in real life or social media or not even at all. Have we gotten so good at “masking” what’s really going on, on social media that it now spreads into our “real” lives?

All of this challenges me because God calls us to live in community. He tells us to love our neighbours like we love ourselves, (Mark 12:31). How can we do this if we’re not really getting real with each other? How can help you and love you if I don’t even know what’s really going on when you haven’t told me in person? Do we have to respond to every social media post that we see that hints at something bad happening? ….but then what about the good time, how can I celebrate with you when the good things happen if you don’t tell me? You may post it on Facebook and get a bunch of likes and comments but I kind of think doing community like God intended us to do it is a bit more than some likes and comments on social media.

I have a strong desire to do live with people in community – the way God intends us to. I want to know what’s going on in my friends lives and not the surface stuff. I want to be able to encourage them and praise/ celebrate with them when break through happens or when something good happens. The obvious answer is that it needs to start with me, I need to be vulnerable and real with my friends and family, as well as intentionally connecting with them by having tea with them and finding our what’s going on in their lives.

Life is short. God tells us to love and to do life together in real life and not only through social media. I feel challenged by this and I think I’m going to step out and do a bit more of real connecting.



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