Clothe yourself in kindness

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Last week Saturday I had the Fancy Flamingos over for some cookies, juice and to chat about kindness. In Corinthians3:12 it says, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” I based the bible study with the girls on this verse. We discussed what it’s like when people are kind to them and how they can practically be kind to other people whether it’s with words, actions, our attitude and even out thoughts. After some lengthy chats on kindness I got them to dress each other up and explained how […]

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We had a cupcake party

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This past Saturday we had a bit of a cupcake party at the Fancy Flamingos. I got the bible study from More Be To and linked it with the Mosaic bible study that we have just finished working through. Mosaic was all about how God has created us with different talents, characteristics and personalities, as well as how He uses our experiences to shape us into the women of God he wants us to be. It goes on to explain how we also need each other to shine His colour into our worlds – kind of like we’re a small part of […]

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We’re not cracked pots

On Saturday the Fancy Flamingos flocked to our house at around 2pm for some girl time. Fancy Flamingos is a tween girls bible study that meets at my house once a month. The time spent with these dynamic girls is always fun. At the moment we are working through a book called Mosaic – brining out your God colour. This week we worked through chapter 3 which was based around how God still uses us even when we think that we are broken. It’s kind of like a cracked pot. We may go through something that can squash us a […]

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