When hope shines through

Sometimes you can stand in a room surrounded by people you know and feel alone. Sometimes you can get completely overwhelmed by the simple tasks of the day. Sometimes life can feel like you’re just living inside of a black hole. A few months ago this is how life felt for me. Some how I had slipped into a black hole of depression without realising it. I can’t pin point what caused it or when it started but before long everything I did felt like it was difficult. I would get completely overwhelmed by something as small as packing the […]

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Joy injection

a little bit of crazy

This past month has been a hard month for me which has left me feeling a bit despondent regarding Gods plan for my life, His purpose for me and ever getting to “the promised land”. There have been numerous moments this month where I’ve just cried out to God for break through or for Him to just reveal the point of me being where I am, or even why I have to go through any of this. I also think being sick for most of winter has not helped with the feelings of despondency, it’s kind of just added to […]

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