I feel like honour is something I never seem to get right in my marriage. I know when I’m being stubborn, strong willed, or just want my way God gently reminds me that I need to submit to David and honour what he is saying. A couple of months ago I knew I was right about something and I wanted to prove it. David asked me to wait a little bit before I ran off and did my own thing. After some negotiation I kind of got my own way and got to do what I wanted without waiting. A […]

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Honouring your husband

honour husband

For a while now I’ve been thinking about honour and what it really means to honour your husband. The more I thought about it the more I realised that submission is only possible if you honour your husband. If you Google the definition of honour words like “high respect”, “great esteem” and “regard with great respect” come up. My understanding of honouring someone is to look for the gold in them. In other words see them how God has made them. Seeing someone this way can be challenging especially when they don’t behave in a way that lines up with […]

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A new understanding of what it means to cleave to David

A little bit of crazy_cleaving

I read this article last week and the whole “cleaving thing” has really stuck with me since then. I always thought I knew what it meant to cleave to your husband but I don’t think I ever really thought about it. I also think I had the attitude of, “this is what you do when you get married – you leave your parents and choose to be with your husband.” After reading article on cleaving and then thinking about it I gained a whole new understanding of what cleaving is. It’s so much more than just choosing to be with your husband. […]

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Date Night at Brick Lane Eatery

A little bit of crazy

Earlier this week I said to David that I wanted an adventure and the next thing I knew I had a calendar invite that said “Bub’s and Noo need an adventure”. When I got home I asked him what we were doing he said we’re going to watch a movie Canal Walk.  I was looking through the The Entertainer for something else and I saw a restaurant in Century City had been added called Brick Lane Eatery. I suggested it to David and he was keen to try it, especially since they had some fancy sounding burgers on the menu. We found […]

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2 years today

Today is David’s and my second year wedding anniversary – the time has flown by SO quickly! It still feels like it was just yesterday when I was standing in Kathy’s bedroom exclaiming to my friends; “I’m a real bride” once I had my dress and veil on. My favourite part of being married is the whole part. If I were to sum it I would say it’s that I get to do life with an amazing godly man who knows how to speak to my heart, build me up, have fun with me and who loves my cooking. A […]

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Sunset adventure

Katherine Bodmer a little bit of crazy

Happy Friday! It’s such a blessing that God gave me a husband who can speak right to my heart. Yesterday after work we went on a little adventure up Chapmans Peak for a bit of a sunset walk and sunset walk. God showed off with an amazing sunset and no wind, it was awesome.   I love how we live in such a beautiful place with STUNNING sunsets. xKx  

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Submission in marriage

Biblical submisison wives a little bit of crazy

I gained a deeper understanding of submission in my marriage this morning. Submission has never been easy for me because it conjures up all these negative words like “doormat”, “push over”, “being controlled by a man” etc. I think over the last few years my understanding of submission has been changing for the better. I also think I’m understanding it more as how God intended it to be as he’s been teaching me more about how submission works and what it looks like in my own marriage. Ephesians 5:22 says “wives submit to your husband as you do to the […]

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