The weekend away that blessed me

When we got home yesterday evening I felt really blessed by these four young women and their children. We had some really awesome conversations that blessed me and humbled me, as well as helped me put things into perspective. I felt really blessed to be let into their lives for the weekend by sharing some good quality time with them, as well having honest conversations with them over breakfast, lunch, supper or even tea - well I drank the tea and they had some wine.

I think that’s important to share the blessings you receive from God with other people. I also think that the blessings you receive should have a “reverb” effect to the people around you. We’ve been blessed with access to an amazing holiday home in Franskraal and this past weekend we got to share it with some amazing girls and their children. A few months ago Vanessa and Courtney asked Mel if she knew of somewhere that could go for a weekend that wasn’t expensive. She then told us about it and we were like, “the Franskraal house”. I invited them […]

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