10 minutes later and your sweet potato is ready

a little bit of crazy

This quick trick revolutionized the way I cook sweet potatoes.  Every time I wanted to have sweet potato for supper I always changed my mind because I knew it would take like a hundred  years to cook in the oven, well an hour to be honest. I then though there has to be a quicker way, so I Googled “quick cooking sweet potato”. Let me share with you what I found on how to cook a sweet potato in 10 minutes. Take one sweet potato and scrub under running water or in the sink with some water – be water […]

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Sweet potato toast

sweet potato toast, banting, katheirne bodmer,

I think this going to become my go to snack when I want something quick to eat. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I saw this on Pinterest (I think…) a couple of weeks ago and I thought to myself, “I MUST try this!” On this particular evening I did not feel like cooking and was trying to think of something quick to make when I suddenly remembered this. It literally took no longer than 10 minutes to prepare and make. It was  AMAZING! Here’s what to do… Take one sweet potato and slice it into medium […]

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