We had a cupcake party

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This past Saturday we had a bit of a cupcake party at the Fancy Flamingos. I got the bible study from More Be To and linked it with the Mosaic bible study that we have just finished working through. Mosaic was all about how God has created us with different talents, characteristics and personalities, as well as how He uses our experiences to shape us into the women of God he wants us to be. It goes on to explain how we also need each other to shine His colour into our worlds – kind of like we’re a small part of the bigger picture. The cupcake bible study is very similar with how we are all made up of different things to make us who we are, kind of like a cupcake.

When the girls arrived I asked them to decorate a cupcake in a way that describes how God made them who they are.

[easy-image-collage id=1937]

One they had finished, I explained to them that cupcakes are sweet, moist, have extra sprinkles etc. and how God wants us to be the same towards him and the world around us. This was a pretty awesome resource that linked to it by Julia Bettencourt. I edited it to make it appropriate to them and we discussed how we can be attractive in Gods eyes, stay moist Christians and not dry ones and why it’s important to have balance in our lives. I then asked them to pair up with another girl in the group and to decorate a cupcake for her.

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We then had some time at the end so I let them make their own cupcake and then decorate it for fun before we spent time being silly and playing a really random game. Someone shouts out a number from 1 – 26 and whichever letter in the alphabet  it corresponds to you have to say a name, animal, plant, thing etc that starts with that letter. If you take to long to say something, say “uuummm”, repeat a word or don’t have something then you are out.


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