17 months of Noah

17 months of Noah. 17 months of being a mom. 17 months of experiencing a new kind of joy in my life, my family and my home. 17 months of not having a tidy house. 17 months of chaos. 17 months of challenges, learning and so much goodness.

Looking back on the past 17 months I can say I have learnt how to be more patient. I have learnt how live a little slower. I have learnt to get down on my hands and knees and view the world from Noah’s perspective. It has been soooooo good to learn all these things or to gain a new perspective on the world.

My baby lion has taught me that if we go for a walk and it takes us 20 minutes to walk down the road because we need to stop and smell every flower, look at each blade of grass or stop and go “tweet – tweet” to every bird we see it’s ok. I have learnt that it’s okay to have a messy house because I’ve spent the time talking to David or playing with or just sitting with Noah because he just needs his mom in that moment. I have learnt that there is so much beauty in the simple things – especially if you see it for the first time. Noah has shown this to me as I have watched his face light up when he first experiences something.

One of my favourite things that Noah does each morning happens during the school drop off. He likes to walk into school while I carry his bags. He walks up to the sign at the gate and points at all trees and tells me something about it in his baby language. He then high fives the signs and walks through it. He does it every morning and it is so great. I also love how he points at the bird feeder in our garden and says “num num” because he knows the birds eat there, or how he smells all the flowers he sees. It’s so great!

Yesterday we went for a drive along Boyes Drive. We had taken the sun shade off his window so he could see the view. He kept looking out the window saying, “oh wow!” It made me appreciate the view even more than before. I really hope that he never loses this sense of wonder. I also hope that I don’t lose this new-found sense of wonder.


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