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2 years today

Today is David’s and my second year wedding anniversary – the time has flown by SO quickly! It still feels like it was just yesterday when I was standing in Kathy’s bedroom exclaiming to my friends; “I’m a real bride” once I had my dress and veil on. My favourite part of being married is the whole part. If I were to sum it I would say it’s that I get to do life with an amazing godly man who knows how to speak to my heart, build me up, have fun with me and who loves my cooking.

2 year wedding anniversary katherine bodmer a little bit of crazy LA Photography
Photo by Leigh-Ann Oosterhuizen of L.A Photography

A few weeks ago I read a quote somewhere and it said “I don’t want a knight in shining armour, just a man wearing God’s armour”. This really hit home for me.  I really don’t need a man to come riding in to save me and whisk me off into the sunset. I much prefer having David, wearing Gods armour and standing next to me. I also think the whole knight in shining armour sets us up for failure because it leads us to think that “the man” is perfect. David is not perfect and neither am I, but with God we are perfect for each other.

These past two years have been an amazing journey of learning more about each other, going deeper, learning about love languages and how they play a role in marriage, (this is another blog post for another time), going through the tough times together without killing each other and just having fun together. I am SO blessed to be married to this awesome, crazy-wonderful human being!

2 year wedding anniversary katherine bodmer a little bit of crazy




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