Sweet potato toast

sweet potato toast, banting, katheirne bodmer,

I think this going to become my go to snack when I want something quick to eat. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I saw this on Pinterest (I think…) a couple of weeks ago and I thought to myself, “I MUST try this!” On this particular evening I did not feel like cooking and was trying to think of something quick to make when I suddenly remembered this. It literally took no longer than 10 minutes to prepare and make. It was  AMAZING! Here’s what to do… Take one sweet potato and slice it into medium […]

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LCHF Lemon Cheesecake

LCHF Cheesecake Katherine Bomder a little bit of crazy

A couple of weeks ago I made a LCHF, (low carb, high fat) lemon cheesecake. I was paging through the Pick ‘n Pay Fresh Living magazine and I stumbled across the recipe. I quickly scanned the recipe and decided to make it. Unfortunately I can’t remember which issue it was, I just tore the recipe out of the magazine. The recipe makes 6 small cheesecakes – but I was not going to make mini individual ones. I made one big cheesecake. I think I doubled the crust part so that it would cover the base of my spring from baking […]

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Stake in the ground kind of day

Today has been a “go back to your in the ground” kind of day. A while a go I listened to a talk, by Christa Black, she’s one of my favourite female Christian speakers. In her talk she was saying how we need to put a stake in the ground saying who God is. I have tons about who He is the ground, “Good”, “Love”, “Daddy”, “Faithful”… the list could go on for quite a while but I think you get the point. On Friday David told me a whole bunch of stuff that the lawyer said regarding something linked […]

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Sunset adventure

Katherine Bodmer a little bit of crazy

Happy Friday! It’s such a blessing that God gave me a husband who can speak right to my heart. Yesterday after work we went on a little adventure up Chapmans Peak for a bit of a sunset walk and sunset walk. God showed off with an amazing sunset and no wind, it was awesome.   I love how we live in such a beautiful place with STUNNING sunsets. xKx  

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We’re not cracked pots

On Saturday the Fancy Flamingos flocked to our house at around 2pm for some girl time. Fancy Flamingos is a tween girls bible study that meets at my house once a month. The time spent with these dynamic girls is always fun. At the moment we are working through a book called Mosaic – brining out your God colour. This week we worked through chapter 3 which was based around how God still uses us even when we think that we are broken. It’s kind of like a cracked pot. We may go through something that can squash us a […]

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Pumpkin and zucchini soup

pumpkin and zucchini soup recipe katherine bodmer

I used my slow cooker for the first time this week. I think it’s changed my life in the kitchen. I made this soup a couple of weeks ago on the stove top and it was kind of a “I have pumpkin in the fridge and the zucchini is about to go off so lets add them to the soup and see what happens soup creation.” Last night I was keen to make soup again and also to try my slow cooker for the first time. I’ve always been a bit scared to try it imagining the food burning to […]

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Submission in marriage

Biblical submisison wives a little bit of crazy

I gained a deeper understanding of submission in my marriage this morning. Submission has never been easy for me because it conjures up all these negative words like “doormat”, “push over”, “being controlled by a man” etc. I think over the last few years my understanding of submission has been changing for the better. I also think I’m understanding it more as how God intended it to be as he’s been teaching me more about how submission works and what it looks like in my own marriage. Ephesians 5:22 says “wives submit to your husband as you do to the […]

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Sharing a bed with my Champ dog

Pets in the bed katherine bodmer

David and I have been house sitting my moms house since Sunday. The best part of the past few days was seeing my Champ dog everyday! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that every time I see him I take a selfie with him. He has been in training since a puppy about the importance of the selfie.  My parents have another dog Bambi or Bambino as I call her. She is also pretty cute BUT she is not my Champ dog who I love almost as much as David. Champ is a large Labrador cross Rottweiler […]

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Lemon Meringue – The Banting Version

katherine bodmer a little bit of crazy

It was mothers day recently and I know that my mom LOVES lemon meringue. She’s diabetic so the amount of sugar in the full-fun, real version is not really good for her. I wanted to bake something for her so I headed to Google and searched for a banting lemon meringue recipe.  I found one on The Banting Chef website. There is one thing I feel I need to confess when it comes to banting/LCHF baking and that is that it will not be the same as the sugar/full-fun version. I also find that sometimes it tastes really good and […]

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Slave Route Challenge 10km Run

a little bit of crazy katherine bodmer

Yesterday we did what I would say as one of the best 10km we’ve ever done. It was also one of the most challenging runs, but that’s because I always avoid doing hill training and 90% of the time I choose a flat run over a run with hills. This was to my detriment yesterday. When the race started you immediately go up a short incline into an even bigger one and then you eventually do the BIGGEST hill ever in Cape Town, but as I always say there’s always a downhill coming after the uphill which is quite nice when you’re pretty […]

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