Aubergine on the braai

I really enjoy experimenting with flavours and the food we have in our kitchen. Sometime it works really well and other times we just need to smile and pretend we love it. A few weeks ago we decided to have a braai and I think popping an aubergine in some foil with some basil and feta is definitely a winner. Here’s how I made it – all the ingredients are an estimate, I used what looked like enough. Slice one medium sized aubergine into rings. Sprinkle some salt on it and let it rest for a couple of minutes, (this makes […]

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We got to do this again…

Katie Meyhew Photography, wedding photo

On Monday afternoon David and I had the privilege of helping Katie from Katie Mayhew Photography build her portfolio a little bit. All we had to do was put on our wedding clothes again and climb half way up Constantia Nek mountain for her to get some AWESOME photographs. The climb was totally worth it though! There is just something magical in taking your wedding dress out and just looking at it that just grows as you put it on. When I took my dress out of it’s packaging all the emotions and memories from our wedding day came flooding back. I […]

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First attempt at apple crumble

Apple crumbe a little bit of crazy

A couple of weeks ago I asked David if he wanted me to bake him something and he asked for apple crumble. I hopped onto Google and found a recipe on the blog Bake Play Smile.  I discovered that an apple pie and an apple crumble are two different things – I kept telling David that I was making and apple pie, but he was like “please don’t make me a pie” This recipe is pretty easy to follow and it’s a great one to do with someone – David helped by cutting the apples and stirring the pot until […]

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