Green bean and mushroom stew

a litte bit of crazy

I attempted a green bean and mushroom stew recently. I was going to be only green bean stew but then I thought that I would add the mushrooms as well. I also harvested our broccoli that had been growing in the garden and added it to the stew – it was pretty small so it can’t be added to the title of the stew. Here’s a picture of the baby broccoli from our garden. Besides the small baby broccoli this is what else I added to the stew. Beef stewing steak/chops. The packet said steak but there were bones in […]

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My thoughts on the 5 love languages

The 5 love langauges a little bit of crazy

There’s been a lot of talk about the five love languages and how you need to love your spouse and people around you according to their love language. Gary Chapman wrote the book titled The 5 love languages. Which explains that we know we are loved when someone loves us in the way that we receive love. The five love languages are; physical touch, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service and quality time. I read a book by Danny Silk – Keep your love on and he explains the 5 love languages like this, “I like to compare […]

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Curry seed soup sprinkle

Curry soup sprinkle katherine bodmer

When it comes to a “topping” for soup I always think of either croutons or cream, which isn’t very creative.  While paging through the June copy of Pick ‘n Pay’s Fresh Living magazine I found something fun to try, a curry seed sprinkle. When I saw that it had pumpkin seeds in it I thought it would be perfect for the soup I was making, my pumpkin and zucchini soup. You need; 2 tsp olive oil 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds 1 Tbsp sesame and sunflower seeds 1/2 Tbsp curry powder (I used mild) 1 disc of feta – crumbed   […]

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2 year anniversary mini holiday

Katherine Bodmer A little bit of crazy

This year for our anniversary we decided to go to Franskraal for a few days. We thought about going somewhere new but then decided on the holiday house because we really just wanted to have a relaxing time. It was an awesome few days. We left on Wednesday and came home today, Saturday. We spent the time exploring Hermanus, Gansbaai Standord and even took a drive to what we think is the southern most beach. It was at the border of the Cape Agulhas nature reserve, so I think it’s a pretty good assumption. The rest of the time was […]

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2 years today

Today is David’s and my second year wedding anniversary – the time has flown by SO quickly! It still feels like it was just yesterday when I was standing in Kathy’s bedroom exclaiming to my friends; “I’m a real bride” once I had my dress and veil on. My favourite part of being married is the whole part. If I were to sum it I would say it’s that I get to do life with an amazing godly man who knows how to speak to my heart, build me up, have fun with me and who loves my cooking. A […]

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The weekend that was

I feel like the weekend has just zoomed past – two minutes ago it was Friday and now it’s Monday. On Saturday I attempted to make peanut butter chocolate fudge. I found the recipe on Outside In – An Alternative Lifestyle blog. My attempt ended up in a massive explosion of chocolate all over my husband and kitchen. I was using the stick blender whisk attachment and it kind of made a tornado of the mixture lifting it out the bowl and splattering it around the kitchen and David who was looking for a dish for me. It was VERY […]

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Pink skies in the morning, cottage pie tonight

a little bit of crazy cottage pie recipe

I attempted to make cottage pie for supper recently. I had no idea how to make it and I didn’t really want to learn because I like the way my mom makes it. I like to have certain dishes that I only eat if it’s made at a restaurant or if my mom or someone I know makes an awesome version of it. I don’t want to be disappointed when it’s different when I make it. I Googled a recipe but forgot to print it before leaving work so I kind of made the whole thing up while I cooked. […]

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God is always working for the good

A little bit of crazy in the world

This morning my devotional was on Joseph and how God worked the good in his situation even though his brothers intended it to harm him and for evil. God literally took the situation and changed it for good. A quick synopsis – Joseph was sold by his brothers, accused of adultery, thrown into prison and then he ends up being in charge of all the saved food when their is a drought. This then results in him helping to save millions of people by giving them food.  The story of Joshua starts in Genesis 37  and goes on for a few […]

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A new discovery about eggs

The other day I was following a recipe for, I think for a mustard and cheese sauce and it said “add one egg yolk to thicken the sauce”. I then thought this was quite a brilliant idea because we never have cornflour in the house to thicken things. I always forget to buy it. According to Cook’s Thesaurus  you need to temper the egg yolk before adding it to a hot mixture. If you just dump it into the sauce/soup or stew it could curdle. After you have separated your egg, add some of the warm mixture to the egg yolk and whisk together. […]

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You can come home now…

katherine bodmer a little bit of crazy

David left for a training course in Austria last week Saturday. I really did not think I would miss him this much. I feel a bit silly because I miss him so much. I also think yesterday was the worst when I wanted to call him to tell him something and I was like.. “oh, I can’t”.  We have been google video chatting – it’s like Skype every night which has been awesome, but I can not wait until I can see him and talk to him in real life on Saturday afternoon He has been having TONS of fun in […]

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