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Noah’s Dedication

On Sunday, 4 February it was a year ago that I stood in the bathroom with my third pregnancy test waiting impatiently for it to confirm if I really was pregnant. The first two tests that I had used the night before were cheap ones from Clicks. They both showed a faint second pink line. I then went a bought a Clearblue pregnancy test thinking it would be the most accurate of the tests. I remember watching it flash and then screen said “2 – 3 weeks pregnant”.

Pregnancy test 1
Clearblue pregnancy test

It was the most exciting, overwhelming feeling in the world seeing the result on the second test. It was overwhelming because I never expected it to happen so quickly, as well as I had convinced myself the week before that I couldn’t be pregnant yet. I was sooooo wrong… and God totally knew what He was doing when He told me it was time to have a baby a few months earlier. You can read more about that here.

Fast forward a year and David and I were standing in front of our church having Noah dedicated.

Baby dedication
baby dedication
baby dedication

A baby dedication is where the parents stand up in front of their church and agree to bring up their child in the way of the Lord – to teach them about Jesus and his love for us.  It’s also a way of acknowledging that your child is a gift from God. One of my favourite things that Mel said during the dedication is that God has loaned Noah to us. I like it because Noah belongs to God, but He’s entrusting David and myself to look after him, teach him and bring him up as Godly parents, to love Jesus and to walk in His ways.

When David and I chose the date for Noah’s dedication we didn’t realise that it was the same day as the day we found out we were pregnant. I think it was a bit of a God-incidence that it fell on the same day.

For me the best part of being Noah’s mom is that I get to partner with God to bring him up. It’s one BIG adventure with Him – and one that certainly can’t be done without Him and David, my wonderful husband.



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  1. Kathy says:

    And God has equipped you two to do the job for him! Not on your own but with a family who will love him and pray for you as you go through the amazing journey of parenthood! And of course great friends who will also be there for you!

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