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9 months of loving you earth side

We’ve been loving our baby Tiger for 18 months now, 9 months while he was still inside of me and 9 months of him being earth side.

I can’t explain how the minute you discover you are pregnant you immediately start loving this little thing inside of you. This love grows as you grow this baby inside of you and just keeps on growing even more once they are born. I want to say it kind of just happens… well for me it did. It was hard in the very beginning of my pregnancy with Joel to believe this was real, to get excited or to even start loving this little person growing inside of me until my doctor confirmed it was real. But if I were to be honest… I had started loving this little person the minute the test showed two lines.

Joel is our joy-filled boy. He smiles and laughs 99% of the time and brings so much joy to the people around him and to our family. Noah is his favourite person in the whole world. He is also a very feisty, determined boy – he knows what he wants and he will let you know that, that is what he wants. We think his favourite colour is orange because he always chooses orange things first.

Since Joel is 9 months old we thought we would redo some of the photos we did when I was 38 weeks pregnant with photos of when Joel was 38 weeks old.

38 weeks
38 weeks outside
Noah kiss joel 2
noah kiss tummy
noah and tins prego 2
Noah and tins outside
noah and tins outside 2
Noah and tins prego
Family Prego



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