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A blonde behind the wheel kind of day

Yesterday kind of felt like and looked a little like this…

a little bit of crazy

In the space of four hours I almost blocked my bosses debit card because I forgot the pin so I gave the person using it the wrong code. I had asked her to come with me so they could run in and pay so I could park illegally – there’s literally no parking in Plumstead at lunch time. When I got the correct pin I decided to park properly and run into the shop to tell her I managed to lock my keys in the car. I called David and asked him to bring the spare keys which are kept in his car. When it was home time the car wouldn’t start. I called David for the second time that day to come and rescue me. He told me to ask Amy to push start it and see if it helped until he could get there. We called someone else we work with to come and help push start the car. They pushed it and nothing happened. We tried to charge the battery, which I was sure it wasn’t because the lights turned on. There was no clicking sound when you turned the key, which in my understanding means there’s something wrong with the starter motor. By this time a group of men had formed around my car trying to figure out the problem. They tried to push start it again, as well as charge the battery – nothing was working. At this point I messaged my girl friends and asked them to pray the car would start. I also started to pray – I asked God to send someone with a solution. Literally two minutes later a random man walked up to the car, looked inside at the keys and asked if the immobilizer button was working. I said I think so but I have the other keys in my bag so I can try those. I swapped the keys, pressed the immobilizer button on those keys and the car started. I was like, “thank you Jesus.”

While I was driving to meet up with David before going home I was thinking about the bible verse I read that day. “I’m energized every time I enter your heavenly sanctuary to seek more of your power and dink in more of you glory.” Psalm 63:2 Passion Translation. I then thought about how true that is – when I entered God’s presence during all the chaos of the car not starting yesterday I instantly felt like I could handle whatever was about to happen – even if the random man never came to help and we had to wait a bit longer for David to arrive, I knew it was going to be okay. I also felt less panicked than when the car wouldn’t start. It was just about the final straw in my day yesterday. I felt all my frustrations and irritation with the day and the car leave my body and be replaced with a new focus and energy. It’s hard to explain but it was awesome. It made me realize that the moment I took my eyes off the situation and focused on God the “storm” because a less chaotic.

I think it’s pretty awesome how God took me full circle yesterday. I read the verse and it stuck with me most of the morning, He then bought me back to it in the evening during so that it can really sink in.






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