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A new understanding of what it means to cleave to David

I read this article last week and the whole “cleaving thing” has really stuck with me since then.

I always thought I knew what it meant to cleave to your husband but I don’t think I ever really thought about it. I also think I had the attitude of, “this is what you do when you get married – you leave your parents and choose to be with your husband.” After reading article on cleaving and then thinking about it I gained a whole new understanding of what cleaving is. It’s so much more than just choosing to be with your husband.
A little bit of crazy_cleaving
For me, cleaving means choosing to trust your husband with the decisions he makes. It’s choosing to stand by your husband when he does something or makes a decision about something – even when you think he is wrong or disagree with his choice. This is only possible if you’re trusting God fully with your husband. Cleaving means to support and honor your husband. It also means to choose your husband over everyone else – like Johnny’s wife says in the article. It’s about having boundaries with other men in your marriage, as well as having boundaries with other people in your marriage so you protect your time with your husband. This thought links with how we need to spend time with our spouses – we need to choose it and protect this time so you can build up your marriage.
A little bit of crazy_cleaving
In summary; I’ve realized that cleaving is so much more than just leaving my parents and choosing to be with David. It’s about choosing him even when it’s hard. It’s about choosing him even when I don’t want to. It’s about choosing to love him and to do life with him every single day. Some days this is easier than other days – but the choice is still mine to make and it’s generally 100% better to choose to cleave than to give up. I also know without a doubt that this is only possible with the help of God and trusting Him with David, me and my marriage.


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