Amy’s Baby Shower

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Yesterday was round two of Amy’s baby shower and it was lovely. Round one happened at work last week.

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I am quite excited to meet Amy’s princess in a few months time. I can’t really explain this but I already have a whole lot of love for this baby inside of my heart. It’s only happened once before and that was with Isabella – Chaana’s princess. Before she was born I was filled with a crazy amount of love for her and excitement to meet her which has carried over into getting to know her now that she has been born. I have a similar feeling of love and excitement about “Pip” – Amy’s person in preparation inside of her.

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I really hope Amy feels super blessed and excited about the soon arrival of “Pip”. I know that God has something exciting to teach her about His heart as she loves on this little girl she’s about to. God also has an exciting plan and purpose for Pip – one that He’s put together for her before she was made and one that He’s forming her perfectly for inside of Amy.



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