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Clothe yourself in kindness

Last week Saturday I had the Fancy Flamingos over for some cookies, juice and to chat about kindness. In Corinthians3:12 it says, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” I based the bible study with the girls on this verse. We discussed what it’s like when people are kind to them and how they can practically be kind to other people whether it’s with words, actions, our attitude and even out thoughts.

After some lengthy chats on kindness I got them to dress each other up and explained how God tells us we need to clothe ourselves with kindness.

Katherine Bodmer Blog

We can’t just be kind when we feel like it – we need to be kind all day long. We don’t get dressed and then five minutes later when we’re down the road take off our clothes, in the same way we shouldn’t stop being kind just because we’re no longer at home or with our friends. I then explained how being kind has a ripple affect.

Katherine Bodmer Blog

When we’re kind to someone else you make their day, make them feel appreciated, loved or even just seen/ less invisible to people. This then causes them to smile more and even be kind to someone else they see. I used four glasses with different levels of water to illustrate this. I poured water from the first glass which was full into the glass that was only half full and so on to explain how each person affects the next person they meet or are kind to.

***I’m going to keep this in my bag of things to use again as an illustration 🙂

We then made a list of things we can do to be kind whether it’s through actions, thoughs, things we say or our attitude before working through some bible verses on kindness.

I ended the session off by painting the girls toenails – it was a bit random in that I felt led to do this as an act of kindness so I went with it.

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