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Contentment: Being happy with where I am at now

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook. I kind of just swipe the screen without really looking at things just to pass time. All of a sudden a picture caught my eye and I read the caption above it. It said, “Do you think back on your wedding day and remember everything that could have been different or the joy the day held” There was something in that statement that can be used about anything in life. Have you ever looked back on a birthday, afternoon tea with friends or family and thought “oh, that could have been different, or the food could have been better…”

Over the last few months God has really challenged me on being content with where I am at. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and it’s so easy to get swamped by all the wedding pins, body image pins, home and garden pins which can lead to a downward spiral of comparison to what I had/have and want something better. After a couple of minutes of this I’m left with the feeling of “lack”, or “that was better than mine”. All of this is just a result of what I’m putting into my head and finally filtering to my heard. God does tell us in the bible to guard our hearts and there’s a line in a Casting Crowns song that goes “be careful little eyes what you see…”

God tells us that he wants us to live life abundantly. In other words, he wants us to live full lives. We can’t do this if we’re spending every moment comparing our life to everyone around us or to the carefully constructed pictures on social media or in magazines.

One of my biggest struggles with contentment was being content with our wedding photos. It poured with rain on our wedding day and the photo part was quite rushed and quite random but Leigh-Ann of L.A Photography did a really great job. I often saw pictures on Pinterest and thought, “oh we should have pictures like that”. We then helped Katie from Katie Meyhew Photography out with some wedding pictures, (I was reminded of how much I love my wedding dress that day). Her pictures are beautiful but they are not our wedding pictures – which I absolutely love because it’s a reminder of what God did by putting David and I together. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter all that matters is the joy and excitement I felt marrying David.

The same can apply to all the birthday parties I’ve had, girls teas, etc. It doesn’t matter that the cake flopped or that the decor wasn’t as great as what saw on Pintererst. What really matters is who you spent time with and the memories that were made.

I think we should focus more on living the abundant life that God intends us to have instead of focusing on what we don’t have.  This will also help us to be more content with what we have and where we are because we will be exactly where God wants us.





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