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Date Night at Brick Lane Eatery

Earlier this week I said to David that I wanted an adventure and the next thing I knew I had a calendar invite that said “Bub’s and Noo need an adventure”. When I got home I asked him what we were doing he said we’re going to watch a movie Canal Walk.  I was looking through the The Entertainer for something else and I saw a restaurant in Century City had been added called Brick Lane Eatery. I suggested it to David and he was keen to try it, especially since they had some fancy sounding burgers on the menu.

We found the restaurant in the middle of the office block  and apartment section of Century City. I was quite surprised at how there’s a mini town with shops and restaurants between the office blocks and apartment blocks. The restaurant is on the edge of the canal so there’s a pretty view, especially with the pick clouds are sunset.

Once we were seated we quickly scanned the menu and placed our order. I was starving and was about to eat the table.

A little bit of crazy

We started with top deck hot chocolate, spring rolls and chilli poppers to stop me from becoming “hangry”.  This round was pretty amazing… the chilli poppers were so good I added Brick Lane Eatery to my top 5 places to get chilli poppers from.

I then had a Cajun chicken breast with avo and mozzarella with a side of roast vegetables. David had a cheese burger which chips. The second round of food was just as good as the first round.

I think this restaurant is definitely going to become a favourite when going to Canal Walk. It’s also an added bonus that they are in The Entertainer.  I really like how the restaurant is not in canal walk to you can go there for some quiet away from the shoppers at Canal Walk – which for me is a welcomed relief. The prices are also very reasonable so it’s worth the drive out there for some good food.


After dinner we went and watched Me. before you. It’s a really good movie and I really enjoyed it – except for the ending. It’s a bit of a tear jerker – I could hear people ugly crying in the movie so take tissues. I however just got angry at the ending so no tears were shed.

I would definitely recommend Brick Lane Eatery for a nice casual lunch or dinner with friends or as a date night. It’s also close to Intaka Island, the bird sanctuary so you could even add that to your date as a place to explore.




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    I would have loved to see a picture of you almost eating the table. ha ha ha

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