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Edible Finger Paint Fun

Near the end of last month my friends had a play date for our littlies. I offered to host it at my house – it was lots of fun. For the play date I visited my go to place on the internet for some creative fun that they could have. I found this great recipe for edible finger paint – it’s also super east to make which is an added bonus. 

Here’s the recipe;

  • 1 x box of instant pudding
  • food colouring of your choice. 

Make the instant pudding as per the directions on the box. Add the food colouring of you choice to colour the “paint” before putting in the fridge. When it’s ready your little one can paint away. 

I cut out shapes from sponges so they could do some sponge painting. Noah was a little too young for this activity but he still had some fun tasting the paint and getting his hands and face dirty.  

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This was lots of fun and so easy to clean when some of it got on the table and the carpet. If you want a mess free option you can fill the containers with water and the littlies can dip the sponges into it and then onto the paper for some water prints.  



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