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Ferndale Nursery

I remember going to Ferndale nursery when I was little. I remember the slide and how you had to climb up the middle to the top, as well as the tractor. Jump 20 or more years forward and there’s still the slide and the tractor, as well as a whole bigger playground including a mini maze.

I went there about a year and a half ago when I was still pregnant with a friend of mine and thought, “I must remember how awesome this place is for when my little boy is old enough to come and play here.” I definitely did remember about it and took him here to play one hot Friday morning. The baby lion LOVED the tractor the most. He played and play and played for a good 20 minutes on it – mostly sitting on it saying “broom – broom” and waving at random people. It was so sweet. We eventually loved to the bigger play area which has two jungle gyms, slides and lots of swings. There’s also a mini maze which I think Noah will enjoy playing in when he’s a little older.

I found these images on The Bird and The Beard’s blog. I only took photo’s of the baby lion on the tractor.

There are also geese and ducks that you can feed. Inside the shop you can buy bird food for R5 to feed them. I also think Noah would love to do this… I’d definitely let him try this next time. There is also an aviary with budgies, chickens, baby ducks and parrots. I remember there being bunnies when I was little, but I can’t remember if I saw any when I went the other day.

What I really like about this play area is that there are enough trees to give lots of shade for those hot summer days. This means your children can play in shade and not direct sunlight, which for us is a bonus since Noah does not like wearing his hat.

There’s also a coffee truck in Ferndale that sells coffee, I never tried it so I can’t say if it’s good or not. I also think they sell burgers as well, but I am open to correction.

This place is definitely on my top 10 places to take the baby lion to play.



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