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FOLK Cafe in St James

This little restaurant is one of my favourite places to go for supper with David and Noah. They make GREAT hamburgers – my personal favourite is the Mexican burger, oh and the sliders. What I like about the sliders is I can give one to Noah and he’s happy to eat just one and some chips for supper.

Besides the great hamburgers they also have a GREAT outdoor play area for kids. They have a jungle gym with slide, swings and a little hut thing that Noah loves to play in. He also insists that we all sit with him inside the hut with him. There are various buckets, spades and cars for the the littlies to play with in their sandpit. We often sit outside and I feel like it’s quite safe for me to leave the baby bag and my handbag on the table while David and I play with Noah in the play area.

One of the downsides I found was they changed their menu recently. When we first started going there they had a kids menu with about five options on it. They have since removed it from the menu and the only option is a kids pizza. I prefer having an option for Noah when we eat out with him. Other than this, their food is great and they make yummy red cappuccinos and chai lattes – which is always a win for me. David says their coffee is good which is a bonus for him. They have a kids eat free special on one of the days of the week. I can’t remember when though, but I think it’s either a Monday or a Tuesday. Here’s a link to their menu – http://www.folkcafe.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/FOLK_FOOD-MENU_St-JamesMarch-2019-FINAL.pdf

It’s definitely worth a visit.



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