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God is always working for the good

This morning my devotional was on Joseph and how God worked the good in his situation even though his brothers intended it to harm him and for evil. God literally took the situation and changed it for good. A quick synopsis – Joseph was sold by his brothers, accused of adultery, thrown into prison and then he ends up being in charge of all the saved food when their is a drought. This then results in him helping to save millions of people by giving them food.  The story of Joshua starts in Genesis 37  and goes on for a few chapters. The verse that really stuck out to me was Gen 50:20 ” You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives”.

This verse really spoke to me because that’s how I feel about a situation in my life at the moment.  David and I have been sorting out a few things that have to do with my dads estate since he passed away last year and it really feels like we move 1 step forwards and a hundred steps backwards and sometimes double that when we meet with the lawyers. This has been making me feel a bit stuck and as though I can’t move forward in life with any of my dreams etc. It’s also been an intense journey of reminding myself of who God is and standing next to my stake in the ground.  After reading this verse this morning and then praying through it a few things God raised up in my heart I kind of walked away with a new perspective and a new hope.

The devil may be busy trying to distract me from God, steal my joy and make me feel hopeless about the whole situation, but God can restore everything that gets stolen. Whatever evil the devil is attempting to bring destruction my moms future, my future, David’s future is not going to work because God is WAY bigger than him and his silly plans. I am also hopeful because I know that God works the good for all those who love him. This whole situation may not be a bed of roses at the moment or work out exactly as I imagine but I know that God will create good out of it and restore all the pain and anger that has been caused by it.

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…and who knows maybe this is just the next step in preparing David and I for something extraordinary.



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