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A while ago I wrote about how God was challenging me with the words I use and I how I should use them to build up and not tear down. I think in the past few weeks God has really been driving home the whole “honour the people around you” thing. I know it says in Ephesians in the bible that we should honour our parents, (Honour your father and mother – Eph 6:2).

The Merrian-Webster Dictionary’s simple definition of honour is respect that is given to someone who is admired. It also defines it as good reputation – good quality or character as judged by others.

My NIV study bible defined honour very similarly. It says that honour is to respect or esteem” It also defined honour as something we can receive from god. When we receive honour from God it means that we receive physical or spiritual blessing. In other words it’s like we receive favour from him – this may not in the form of physical things but rather by blessing us by revealing who we are in him. I really like the part where it’s defined as God revealing who we are in him. For me this means that God looks at me and really sees who I am. He looks past ALL the sin in me, that I have done and most likely will do but sees me as who he has made me to be – His princess.

I read a book a while ago by Kris Vallotton called The Supernatural ways of Royalty. There is a section in the book that says God sees us as royalty. (it’s also in the bible… “you are a royal priesthood 1 Peter2:9). When we mess up and sin God does not see us any lower than royalty.We may slide a little bit off our thrown, but the minute that we repent and turn our hearts and eyes back to God, he lifts us up and puts us back in line with who He sees us as – royalty. We may not feel like we’re royalty because the devil likes to remind us of who we are not to distract us from living out of the place of who God has created us to be. Before I get to distracted from the point… What I am trying to say is God always honours us by calling out who He has made us to be – his daughter, his son, royalty, missionary, teacher, chosen, made beautiful… etc. no matter what we do.

I really believe that God wants us to live a life that reflects this by the way we interact with people. Sometimes people will make us angry, or just irritate us to the point that we want to punch them. We may have been hurt by someone repeatedly, or we may feel like we’ve been repeatedly disrespected by someone. Often our natural reaction is to get upset and lash out and rant… but I really feel like God is calling us to keep our mouths shut when it comes to ranting/moaning about what someone has done to us or how they have behaved and rather open our mouth and say things that honours them and call out their God colour – who God has made them to be/how He sees them. I think we take offense to easily when someone does something offensive. I also think we, as Christians don’t really get to take offense. Jesus kept loving all those people who were offensive towards him… and the last time I checked the bible says we must love our neighbours and enemies, (Matthew 5:43-45).

Honouring someone can have a huge impact in their life. God can use it change their hearts. Jesus honoured the people he came into contact with. God used this to reveal himself to people. If we do the same imagine how many people God can reach through us…



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  1. Robyn says:

    All put into the right perspective with beautiful and amazing words.
    I love you Katherine Bodmer XX

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Robyn. I love you too!!

  2. Mom says:

    Amen! a challenge everyday especially when tired or stressed.

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