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I’m all for people being pushed out of their comfort zones or facing fears, but I also think there’s a time for this to happen. When it’s not the right time to be “pushed” or to face your fears I think it should be okay to say no. Recently was in a situation that really highlighted this for me. I know I’ve sometimes pushed people a bit too hard to face their fears or to step out of their comfort zones at the wrong time – I am sorry for doing this.

This past week we were blessed by David’s company and had the opportunity to on a cruise with MSC. It was amazing. The ship went up to Nambia where we got to disembark for the day.

We all headed into the dunes to do quad biking.When I heard we were going to do this I was pretty scared by the thought of doing it. The reason why I was scared is because I have a fear of speed, especially going downhill. When we arrived at the quad biking place we found out we couldn’t go with someone, it was one quad bike per person. Almost everyone we were with told me I would be fine and it would be fun. I decided to face the fear and attempt it. I lasted about half an hour into the ride, the downhill was too scary and that was only on the baby dunes. Our guide then let me climb on the back with David.

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While we were driving through the desert – which is VERY pretty I thought about how people try to get other people to do things/push them out of their comfort zones. It also made me realize that we really need to be sensitive to the “no” and to respect it when someone says that they can’t do something. Sometimes there’s a back story to why they can’t do something. I’m scared of speed because I was in a zip lining accident where the brakes failed… I think this is why as I was never scared of speed before this happened. These things should also be considered when people say no when you’re pushing them to face their fears… They may have tried and know that nothing will change their fear.

The next time I’m in a situation where I could push someone to face their fears I’m going to consider what they say and not push to hard.



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  1. Robyn says:

    Lovely to be on the back of the bike with David – nice and cuddly!
    Well done – it looks absolutely awesome 🙂

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