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It’s not our fault

When our 17-month-old son pulled a cup of boiling hot tea over his head it was not our fault, it was an accident. I had to remind myself of this at least 100 times last week. I think it’s safe to say one of my worst nightmares came true last week Tuesday evening. Noah was standing next to me at the dining room table and the next minute he was in the kitchen pulling a cup off the counter. David had just poured boiling water into the cup for tea. My heart stopped as I saw our baby lion holding the cup before I sprang into action and shouted at David to pass me cold water to pour over Noah. We then rushed upstairs, and I jumped into a cold shower with Noah to cool the burns. After doing this for a good 10 – 15 minutes we applied burnshield and headed to Tokai Mediclinic before we were sent to Constantiaberg Hospital. We spent three nights in PICU and three nights in the Paediatric ward before we could go home.

During this time I had a lot of processing to do. It’s easy to play the “what if” game – What if I said no to David when he offered tea? What if I had taken Noah upstairs to get ready for bath time instead of staying downstairs? etc. It’s also easy to play the blame game. I blamed myself for not watching Noah more carefully. I blamed myself for saying yes to tea – it sounds so silly now that I am typing it. I blamed David for not watching Noah, I blamed him for putting the cup so close to the edge of the counter. I was also very angry that this had happened. I was angry at myself and at David. Once I had finished processing all my emotions, I knew that this was an accident. I knew that it was not my fault or David’s fault that this had happened. I knew that God was a good God – a God who loves us and Noah, a God who was walking this journey with us and who was going to make everything okay. I can honestly say that throughout the whole process – standing in the cold shower – rushing to the hospital – staying in PICU – during both lots of surgery, (clean the burns and dressing change) I had a peace about the whole situation. It’s crazy when I think about it, but God gave me complete peace that everything was going to be okay. It was horrible watching my baby lion cry in pain, it was hard seeing him go to sleep in the theatre, it was hard seeing him wake up the next day with eyes so swollen he couldn’t see me, but I knew God had him. I knew God was a good God and he was and is working a miracle in this situation.

This past week has been hard for our family and our marriage, but we have an amazing God who not only heals physical pain but also emotional pain. God has been healing Noah’s burns miraculously, as well as healing the emotional pain in our family. Our little lion is smiling again and laughing as much as before and as easily before. It’s taken a few days to get there, as well as us praying over him – but we’re seeing God answer our prayers. We’ve also had a community of people praying for the baby lion – God has heard and he’s been answering the prayers mightily.

Life threw us something yucky but God has turned it into something good.  



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  1. Kathy says:

    Amen God ha# carried us all through.
    And we learn again to lean on Him when all you want to do is weep.
    He is a good good father and nothing is out of his control.

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