Memoir to Sushi

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While scrolling through my blog at it’s previous address and found a post on Sushi. I thought I would edit it, (in other words make it read a bit better) and repost it here as kind of a memoir to her.

According to MOST people Sushi is the ugliest dog alive and EVERYONE  “proclaims” to not like her or to give her any love, or even admit they did when they do.  BUT back at the ranch – I know that deep down all these people actually do have a soft spot for her – even though they insist that they don’t.

Sushi is Robyn’s, (David’s stepmom) dog. Yes, I will admit that she is a pretty strange looking dog but she’s cute in an “ugly” kind-of way. She’s also quite a needy dog.  She will come and demand attention from you and if you ignore her beady stare she will just take affection from you by tapping you with her face.  Dave just gives her a look and it’s game over – she gets up, tail between her legs and walks out the room with a massive look of rejection on her face. I now know that this was all an act on her and Dave’s part. This “look” that Dave gave her is just for show in front of people. I know that deep down that he loves her – sometimes I think it’s more than how much he loves Doogie, Sushi’s brother.  I formed this opinion about Dave’s love for her because I see him sneakily giving Sushi love when he thinks I’m out of the room or not looking.  Whenever he realizes that I’ve seen he gets all coy and pretends as though nothing happened.

I think that Sushi is a rad little dog, ugly but rad. I also somehow think she’s plotting to take over the world… I can see it in her eyes…

Sadly Shushi had to go to doggie heavan a couple of weeks ago., but I am sure she is having lots of fun chasing rabbits up there and eating all the Beeno’s she can get.


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