My husband and my brother

A little bit of crazy

Every once in a while I end up getting blown away by how blessed I am. ¬†Earlier this week I phoned my brother, (he has down syndrome) to chat to him about mothers day and how David and I were going to fetch him on Saturday to take him shopping. We had a long chat about how where we’re taking him and he stressed how I can only fetch him after pay day. He works at a protective workshop for mentally challenged people. After I had finished chatting to him he asked where David was, and I asked if he wanted to speak to him. He got so excited, (I think he prefers David over me), and exclaimed “yes!”. I passed the phone to him and they chatted about mothers day and I assume my brother asked David when we’re going to sleep over. We’re going to house sit and look after my brother for my mom in May for just under a week. David then told my brother this and then he said… “When we come sleep over it will be the best time ever with you”. My sister heart just filled with so much love for David at that moment. I am so blessed to be married to someone who accepts and loves my brother¬†just the way he is.



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  1. Love you two very much. I am so thrilled that you two both take time to keep family as a priority in your lives! Hope your brother grows to know and love us all