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My number 1 moment from the last 10 days

The past 10 days have been quite a whirlwind of figuring out how to do the practical things when it comes to being a mom. Before the 6th of October I had only ever changed maybe two nappies rather awkwardly and maybe dressed a toddler, but I had never changed a poo nappy, breast fed, bathed or dressed a baby. It’s been a learning curve –one that can be overwhelming and scary all at the same time. What makes it so overwhelming is that my baby is so small and seems so fragile that I don’t want to hurt him. Sometimes I need to remind myself of what my high school biology teacher once said, “babies are mostly cartilage, you can bounce them on the floor”.

Besides the whirlwind of figuring out how to do things I also feel like my emotions have through a whirlwind. One of the most overwhelming feelings I’ve had is of love for this little boy.  When I hold him and I just look at him I get overwhelmed at how much I love him already. It’s a crazy unconditional kind of love – I know that no matter what he does in the future it won’t change how much I love him.

Some of my favourite things to do is to just watch Noah sleep, or even just watch him when he is awake. I also love to kiss his little hands, feet and chubby cheeks.  My most favourite thing so far is to watch David be “daddy” to Noah. He does it so well – from playing with him, bathing him, showing him the world around him and talking to him,  reading to him, changing his nappy, burping him, putting him to sleep and just loving him.

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David being dad
David being dad
David being dad

It’s amazing to watch David be daddy to Noah – I really am blessed to be married to such an amazing man.



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