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I’ve been a mom for 8 months now and one of the things I’ve noticed is that often it’s quite a mission to find a restaurant that is baby/ toddler or child friendly. What I mean by this statement is, “does the restaurant have baby changing facilities or offer a baby seat/high chair” – the simple things needed to help make the dining experience less complicated or stressful.

For the past six months I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new category on my blog with restaurants and places to go with your little one. After yesterday, I thought why not and wrote the post in my head. I then decided that today would be the day I started this new section on my blog… so here it is.

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David and I love going to this little restaurant. I think it’s mostly because we can walk there for our weekly coffee and chai latte fix while taking the little lion for a stroll in his pram. This little restaurant really is a gem that we found. Not only is the manager really friendly the breakfasts are pretty great, as are their pastas. We’ve been there for breakfast and supper a few times besides just frequenting it for coffee.

There is a fun play area for kids at the back of the restaurant with toys and a black board on one of the walls which allows busy children to draw and get creative while waiting for supper to arrive.

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Image borrowed from http://www.theoldbakery.co.za/sostanza/

David and I went their for a super early supper two weeks ago with our little lion. Our waiter offered us a high chair for him, which we gladly accepted so we could feed him his supper in a somewhat controlled chair. If we feed him on a normal chair or on our lap it gets messy quicker than in a high chair. I also ordered a small bowl of plain cooked spaghetti for him to play with while we ate, which they never charged us for.

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A previous time that we had gone their for supper with family I had to put Noah to sleep. There are some comfy chairs and couches in the restaurant which are great for breastfeeding on. I took the lion to a quiet chair in the restaurant and covered him and let him drink before he fell asleep. I felt comfortable in this restaurant doing.

There was no nappy change required so I don’t know if they have a bathroom with a changing mat on it. The next time we go there I’ll have a look and update this post.

Here’s a link to The Old Bakery’s website, as well as to Zomato where you can view Sostansa’s menu.


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