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Something like this has happened to me in ages – but it reminded me of something. I really should be more in tune with or aware of what God is doing around me instead of just rushing around doing the day to day things I do.

I was walking back to the office earlier and I was chatting to George, our resident car guard. We often chat about random things before the conversation turns to the important things like food. We often give the car guards the left over lunch from work. Unfortunately today there wasn’t. After I said goodbye to George, a homeless lady shouted across the parking lot; “when is the baby coming?”. I replied saying October. She then got up and walked towards me. She then waved her hand in front of my tummy and said; “I pray blessings over you and the baby.” I smiled and said thank you. She then started walking with me the last few steps of the way to the office. She then said to me; “I’m not going to ask you for food or money but I would like you to pray with me. I know that not everyone believes in God or the same thing but I would really like it if you could pray with me,” I then replied; “I am a Christian and I can pray for you and I will.” We then stopped and I prayed for her. Once I had finished she started singing about how God is our provider before she said thank you and walked off back to where she had been sitting in the shade.

Sometime we put up a wall around ourselves when we see another homeless person approaching us because we really don’t want engage with them. Sometimes we’re just in a rush to get to wherever we’re going that we keep our blinkers on avoid them. As I thought about this I was challenged by the thought of what would Jesus do in the same situation. He would stop for the one – he would stop an engage with the person on the side of the road and chat to them for a bit and try and help them. I know we can’t help everyone we meet, but we can be kind to everyone we meet. I also think if we’re taping into God and ask Him to quickly guide us what to do in a certain situation He’ll guide us in what to do – whether it is to give something or just to pray for them. I think after today I’m going to try and be a little more in tune with what God is doing around me and then join Him in the adventure.



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  1. Robyn says:

    Wow – what a special moment that must have been! One just wonders where that lady came from? But we do know where she is going to 🙂 God definitely has a special place for her,

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