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Picnicking at Cape Point Vineyards

David was given a voucher for a picnic at Cape Point Vineyards for his birthday. He obviously had to share it with me… there’s no way he could eat all that food by himself.  We decided to go one Sunday afternoon in February and it was just great.

When you arrive you go up to the deli to pick up your picnic basked. A porter then carries a blanket and two cushions for you to the place you choose to have your picnic. There is lots of different spaces to sit, with ample shade provided by trees and umbrellas. There are also tables scattered around so if you don’t want to sit on the floor you can sit at a table. If there were ants, (they freak me out) around I would have chosen a table, but luckily they were doing other ant things this Sunday so it was safe to sit on the grass.

A little bit of crazy blog

The picnic basket was packed to the brim with yummy food – bread, cheese, fish cakes, pate, salad, chicken pieces etc. We ate like a king and queen and still had left overs. You could possibly feed three to four people from one basket with an extra ciabatta loaf added to the picnic. Drinks can be bought from the deli or the bar in the restaurant. They then give you glasses that you can take down to your picnic spot.

It was an amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon – it was so relaxed and gave us the perfect opportunity to chat, eat good food and take in the amazing view.

A little bit of crazy blog

Cape Point Vineyards is also child friendly – they have jungle gyms for the kids to play on, as well as lots of lawn space for them to play on. They also have a children’s picnic basket that you can order for them.



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