Racing cars

This weekend we got invited to Durick’s first birthday. It was such an honor to be invited to his party and to apart of the celebration on Saturday.

A little bit of crazy_In the kitchen_recipe

After I received the invitation I messaged his mom, Vanessa and asked if she would like me to make something and when she said yes I decided on racing cars. All first, second and third birthdays should have these at them… even when you’re an adult. I think I’ll talk David into having a racing car themed birthday next year so I can make them again.

You will need jelly babies or jelly teddies for the driver, smarties for wheels and jelly tots for lights, as well as finger biscuits for the body of the car.

Racing cars - biscuits

I used icing sugar mixed with water so that a sticky paste is formed to stick everything on. The thicker and sticker the mixture the better. I kind of played around by adding more icing sugar to the mix until I got the right consistency. I then spread some icing mixture onto the jelly tots and jelly teddies to stick to the top of the car. The wheels were harder to stick and needed a “blob” of icing mixture to stick.

A little bit of crazy_In the kitchen_recipe

It was so quick and easy to do, I think it took about 20 minutes to make 24 cars.


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