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Reflections on turning 30

I turned 30 this weekend and it doesn’t really feel any different than 29 to be honest… Or even 25, which if you know me is the age I’ve chosen to stay for the last five years. It had to do with the fact that I could never remember my age when filling in forms or answering the question, “how old are you”. Deep down I firmly believe that age is just a number and you’re as old as you let yourself feel.

The other day while having a wax, Claire the lady who does my waxes was asking me about my birthday and how old I was turning. When I told her 30, she asked how that makes me feel. I thought about it for a while and then realized that I was 100% okay with turning 30. Rewind 5 years and I was totally freaking out about turning 25 – I was nowhere near where I thought I would be at 25 and it also felt super old.Let’s jump back to the present…. I’m 30, I’m still not where I thought I would be in life at this age. I had big ideas of being a full time missionary living in a mud hut somewhere in Africa by the time I was 30 but this has so not happened yet. (Still waiting on God to jump start that dream – which will be in His timing. It may also look different to what my idea of full time mission work is). The reality is that even though I have/had my own worldly ideas of what 30 looks like, God’s idea of 30 for me is very different… And I am okay with that. I think it’s awesome that He has a plan for my life, even if it’s upstream to the worlds idea of what life should look like for a 30 year old. I’d much rather be on Gods adventure than the worlds one.

Another thing I realized about reaching 30 is that I know who I am. I know what I like, (except when it comes to cucumber), what I stand for and what I believe in. I also know where my boundaries are. I know who my true friends are and I see the importance of family a lot more that a few years ago. I’m also comfortable with who I am as a person and I like myself. I also know that God has be on His journey for my life and His plan and purpose for me is a lot better than what the world says it should look like.

When I was making the list of who I wanted to invite to my birthday party, (it was a pink tea party) I felt really blessed when I looked at list. God really has blessed me with a lot of people to do life with. He’s also blessed me with incredible, real friends who love and support me, as well as an amazing family.

I definitely think 30 is not as scary as it gets made out to be… I also think this decade is going to be a great adventure.




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