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Sharing a bed with my Champ dog

David and I have been house sitting my moms house since Sunday. The best part of the past few days was seeing my Champ dog everyday! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that every time I see him I take a selfie with him. He has been in training since a puppy about the importance of the selfie.  My parents have another dog Bambi or Bambino as I call her. She is also pretty cute BUT she is not my Champ dog who I love almost as much as David.

Dog selfie with Katherine BodmerChamp is a large Labrador cross Rottweiler and I discovered how he has a need to sleep in the middle of the bed. He also has to sleep horizontally between David and I.  I found this pretty funny cartoon that represent how Champ had to sleep and how we had to sleep these past few days.

Sleeping with a dog

I have always been a “let the dog sleep on the bed” kind of girl but I have since changed my mind. When we finally get dog he/she will not be allowed on the bed. I will go mad. Champ has this magical power to make himself as heavy as a 100 tons of lead so you can’t even push him off the bed. Which also means he ends up with all the blankets because you can’t pull them to cover yourself. Occasionally Bambino would decide to sleep on the bed with all three of us – then it was kind of game over and we were literally a dog snackwich, kind of like this…

dog sleeping in bed katherine bodmer

This was fun the first few nights but last night I wanted to close them out of the room so I could resume my normal position in the middle of the bed sprawled out like super woman. David really stands no chance in having an equal share in the bed either way… But I know for sure my future dogs will not be sharing a bed with us.



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