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Slave Route Challenge 10km Run

Yesterday we did what I would say as one of the best 10km we’ve ever done. It was also one of the most challenging runs, but that’s because I always avoid doing hill training and 90% of the time I choose a flat run over a run with hills. This was to my detriment yesterday. When the race started you immediately go up a short incline into an even bigger one and then you eventually do the BIGGEST hill ever in Cape Town, but as I always say there’s always a downhill coming after the uphill which is quite nice when you’re pretty tired from the climb.

A couple of months ago I decided to focus on training properly and stop doing races until May. I then looked for a race in May and found The Slave Route Challenge. I also love South African history and since this race was kind of about remembering our history I was pretty much hooked and really wanted to do this race. Training however did not go as planned due to rain storms and life happening but I think my muscles remembered the long training we got in, in the beginning so we were good.

A little bit of crazy, katherine bodmer

Yesterday started with an early start, but God showed off a bit with the sunrise and gave a spectacular view while we waited for the start. We started running at 7:15 and the views around Cape were amazing. We ran through the bottom of Town, through the gardens, into Bo Kaap, up a MASSIVE hill called “koeksister mountain”, back down to the bottom of town and then through the Castle before finishing.


There was definitely no shame is walking up this mountain. I don’t think I saw one person running it – its was MAD! It was so great to see the local community of Bo Kaap cheering us on and shouting “keep moving – you don’t want to stop now”a little bit of crazy katherine bodmer

There were some great rewards of koeksisters and Jive at the top the mountain – if I never felt like vomiting after that climb I may have had some.

A little bit of crazy katherine bodmer

This was one of my favourite parts of the run – running through the castle. This was the last kilometer of the race and I was starting to feel the struggle to get to the end. The ground was also uneven but the Castle in all it’s grandness helped me get to the end!



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