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Sometimes it’s okay to cheat a little…

Cake is taken very seriously in our office… so seriously that you can’t just bring the average cake when it’s your birthday. The standard was set way before I started working here and I think it’s best to just stick with the standard. It was my birthday on the 13th, which was a Saturday so I chose the Thursday after my birthday to bring cake. When deciding on what type of cake to bring, I tossed the idea of buying a cake from somewhere or making one around in my head. Buying a cake is never guaranteed greatness but neither is baking… I decided to take the plunge and bake a red velvet cake… with some help from Ina Parman and her ready to bake range – all you need to add is oil, milk, eggs and butter.

a little bit of crazy red velvet cake

The main reason I chose a boxed cake was because I kind of know this brand wouldn’t flop, I didn’t really feel like baking and it’s a lot cheaper doing it this way than ordering a cake from somewhere fancy. It’s a also super quick and easy.

I made my cake a double layer cake with cream cheese frosting – as per the picture on the box. Cream cheese frosting is super easy to make.

All you need is: 250g icing sugar, 60g softened butter, 60ml milk, 250g cream cheese. To make it: Beat with an electric whisk the butter until creamed, add cream cheese and beat together, add milk and beat then stir in icing sugar. Once blended together it’s ready to use to ice your cake.

This is what my cake looked like after I had finished icing it. Icing a cake is super hard work – how do the professionals do it so smoothly and without getting bits of cake in it? I think I need to practice, ask my chef cousins for some advise and then get back to you about that.

a little bit of crazy red velvet cake

I decided to add some glitter and a rose to finish it off – it has to look pretty once done and ready to be presented to people.

a little bit of crazy red velvet cake

Everyone at work seemed to enjoy the cake… and it looked pretty good and balanced once sliced. The final tester will be when David tastes it later – I managed to save a piece for him after I cut it and everyone had received a slice.

a little bit of crazy red velvet slice

All in all – using a ready prepared cake mix has it’s benefits and is 99% flop proof so if you’re in a hurry it really is okay to get one of these to try.




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