A little bit of crazy ice lolly recipe
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Strawberry and mint ice lollies

I’m VERY excited to post this recipe!

On a summers day there is nothing nicer than ice cold ice lolly. I LOVE ice-cream, but I prefer eating it in winter so it doesn’t melt everywhere leaving you with sticky hands and a thirst that only a river of water can quench. I really enjoy eating ice lollies in summer as I find them more refreshing than ice-cream. I Googled recipes for ice lollies and I never really found one I liked or the ones I did like they needed me to add something I didn’t really have at home when I felt like making them. Then one day when I had some strawberries that were about to go off and I was super thirsty for something other than water I stuck them in the blender and added water. I then ended up with strawberry juice. OM NOM NOM! I then thought that the next time I have an abundance of strawberries I would try to make ice lollies. This happened pretty soon after I had this thought.

One SUPER HOT Sunday afternoon David and I went strawberry picking at Polkadraai Strawberry Farm in Stellenbosch. This really is a fun thing to do. Picking starts at R35 per person, everyone needs a bucket to enter the strawberry fields. There’s also lots of other things to do with your kids – tractor rides, pony rides and putt-putt. It’s well worth the trip.

We ended up with quite a lot of strawberries after our picking adventure so I decided to juice some, add a bit of mint and then freeze them to see how successful it would be to make some ice lollies that were not full of added sugars etc.

You will need:

A little bit of crazy Strawberry picking
A little bit of crazy ice lolly recipe
  • ¬†About three handfuls of strawberries
  • Half a handful of mint
  • Water
  • A blender
  • Ice-lolly maker

What to do:

  • Blend the strawberries and mint and add water. The amount of water I used was in relation to the amount of strawberries I used. It needs to be runny like juice and not thick like a smoothie.
  • Once blended together pour juice into ice lolly makers and freeze for a couple of hours – until frozen.
  • Take out of freezer and enjoy on a hot day.
A little bit of crazy ice lolly recipe
A little bit of crazy ice lolly recipe
A little bit of crazy ice lolly recipe
A little bit of crazy ice lolly recipe

You can add some sugar, Xylitol or honey if it’s a bit tart or if you prefer it sweet.

A little bit of crazy ice lolly recipe

I’m keen to try mango and peach next…

Happy ice lolly making.



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