I don’t think I ever want pets again

After having Mimi stay for a few weeks and then looking after my Champ dog and Bambino at my mom’s house for a week and a bit I really don’t think I want to have pets one day soon. They are super cute and I love them all, especially my Champ dog as though he was a real child but they are a lot of hard work. see.. they are cute but the one thing I really don’t enjoy about having pets is how they leave hair everywhere and how they can be a bit needy. I also don’t like […]

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Sharing a bed with my Champ dog

Pets in the bed katherine bodmer

David and I have been house sitting my moms house since Sunday. The best part of the past few days was seeing my Champ dog everyday! If you follow me on Instagram you will know that every time I see him I take a selfie with him. He has been in training since a puppy about the importance of the selfie. ┬áMy parents have another dog Bambi or Bambino as I call her. She is also pretty cute BUT she is not my Champ dog who I love almost as much as David. Champ is a large Labrador cross Rottweiler […]

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