How to soften butter

a little bit of crazy

I either forget to take the butter out of the fridge hours before I start baking or our house is way to cold for it to become soft. Hard butter is not ideal for making icing – you end up with butter clumps. Last week I wanted to bake so I decided to Google how to soften butter. I came across Emma Christensen’s website, “The Kitchn” and she suggests the following three ways of softening butter; Cut the butter into small chunks: Small chunks soften much more quickly than the whole stick, especially if placed near the warming stove. Pound the butter: Put the […]

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A new discovery about eggs

The other day I was following a recipe for, I think for a mustard and cheese sauce and it said “add one egg yolk to thicken the sauce”. I then thought this was quite a brilliant idea because we never have cornflour in the house to thicken things. I always forget to buy it. According to Cook’s Thesaurus  you need to temper the egg yolk before adding it to a hot mixture. If you just dump it into the sauce/soup or stew it could curdle. After you have separated your egg, add some of the warm mixture to the egg yolk and whisk together. […]

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