God is always working for the good

A little bit of crazy in the world

This morning my devotional was on Joseph and how God worked the good in his situation even though his brothers intended it to harm him and for evil. God literally took the situation and changed it for good. A quick synopsis – Joseph was sold by his brothers, accused of adultery, thrown into prison and then he ends up being in charge of all the saved food when their is a drought. This then results in him helping to save millions of people by giving them food.  The story of Joshua starts in Genesis 37  and goes on for a few […]

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Stake in the ground kind of day

Today has been a “go back to your in the ground” kind of day. A while a go I listened to a talk, by Christa Black, she’s one of my favourite female Christian speakers. In her talk she was saying how we need to put a stake in the ground saying who God is. I have tons about who He is the ground, “Good”, “Love”, “Daddy”, “Faithful”… the list could go on for quite a while but I think you get the point. On Friday David told me a whole bunch of stuff that the lawyer said regarding something linked […]

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