stone -ground flour wraps

David bought me this amazing recipe book for Christmas, “Real food, Healthy, happy children. The Low Carb Solution For the Whole Family by Kath Megaw. What I really like about this recipe book is that it’s all about eating healthy, natural foods which are really yummy instead of processed food. The other night we decided to make some stone-ground flour wraps. I always thought wraps would be complicated to make, but I was wrong for thinking this. It’s a lot easier and quicker than I thought it would be. I asked David to do the mixing because I wasn’t to […]

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Green bean and mushroom stew

a litte bit of crazy

I attempted a green bean and mushroom stew recently. I was going to be only green bean stew but then I thought that I would add the mushrooms as well. I also harvested our broccoli that had been growing in the garden and added it to the stew – it was pretty small so it can’t be added to the title of the stew. Here’s a picture of the baby broccoli from our garden. Besides the small baby broccoli this is what else I added to the stew. Beef stewing steak/chops. The packet said steak but there were bones in […]

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LCHF Lemon Cheesecake

LCHF Cheesecake Katherine Bomder a little bit of crazy

A couple of weeks ago I made a LCHF, (low carb, high fat) lemon cheesecake. I was paging through the Pick ‘n Pay Fresh Living magazine and I stumbled across the recipe. I quickly scanned the recipe and decided to make it. Unfortunately I can’t remember which issue it was, I just tore the recipe out of the magazine. The recipe makes 6 small cheesecakes – but I was not going to make mini individual ones. I made one big cheesecake. I think I doubled the crust part so that it would cover the base of my spring from baking […]

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