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The Barrett’s of Wimpole Street

On Friday night we went to watch The Barrett’s of Wimpole Street,  It was the latest play that Wayne, a friend of mine was acting in at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg.

Photo borrowed from Facebook

The play is set in 1875, so the women get to wear those amazing Victorian princess dresses with hoops that I absolutely love. It’s also a bit of a romance as you see Elizabeth Barrett, who struggles to walk because of injury is kind of swept off her feet by Robert Browning. Elizabeth writes poetry and he makes contact with her to meet her because of the poems she has written. When they meet it’s love at first sight… you will have to watch the play to see how their romance unfolds.

Elizabeth has two sisters and few brothers but  we only get to meet one, as well as the most comical cousin who comes to visit with her fiance. Their father is a bit controlling and squashes any kind of happiness or any dreams his children may have, so they all rebel a little bit which displeases him greatly when he finds out.

The actors played their roles really well. I take my hat off to them for learning all those lines. They had long sentences to repeat on stage – I have no idea how they do that. It’s quite impressive. This was the first play I had seen Wayne in for a while and I could really see how he has grown and developed as an actor over the last few years.

Here are some photos from the show. I borrowed them all from the Facebook page.


a little bit of crazy



a little bit of crazy


If you’re looking for a budget friendly night out this weekend, I would recommend this. You can find out about show times and bookings here.



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