The end of a chapter

Sometimes farewells are hard, a lot harder than you think they’re going to be but cake always makes it a little easier…

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Today was my last day at Wynand Wilsenach Architects, saying good bye to the people I’ve worked with for almost five years was a little bit harder than I thought it would be. It’s crazy to think that I’ve spent a huge chunk of my day with the people working there each day and now it’s over. I really have been blessed by some of the people in the office but it’s time for a new chapter.

Earlier today I was reflecting on how I ended up working at Wynand Wilsenach Architects and it all goes back to God. When I left after the interview I was had no idea if I would get the job but an hour later I got a call saying they wanted to offer me the job. During the phone call I audibly heard God say “It’s yours” and so began the adventure known as Wynand Wilsenach Architects. Fast forward four and half years and I can honestly say that I knew my season of being there was coming to a close. I didn’t know how God was going to do it but I knew it was time for a new job. I gave the whole process over to God… well kind of… I gave Him some conditions. I told Him that I didn’t want to waste my time going for interviews only to face rejections and that I wanted to work for a company that made a difference in peoples live. I then started sending out my CV but the process was dismal and I never received one reply. When I got upset about the silence I would “encourage”myself by saying “God’s doing what I asked”. Eventually one Friday morning I lost it and said a bit too loudly; “God can you now make it that someone offers me a job”.  That Saturday morning I got a phone call from Kathy, my mom in-law asking if I could meet for a drink. We then met and she told me how she needs to expand her business and when she drew up the job specifications she felt like I was the ideal candidate. We then prayed about it and both David and I felt like this is where God wants me to go. Working for PEC and Kathy’s offer ticked off everything on my list of conditions I gave God when it came to my next job.  We then met with Kathy and told her what we were feeling and believed… And so began the process of resigning and moving to PEC.

I’m really excited about the change and what I will be doing in my new job but the best part is knowing that God has called me to this. I am a bit nervous about starting tomorrow and I’m worried I’ll fail Kathy but I also know that God has gone before me and He will be with me in my new role at PEC.

When I look back over the past years of my career I am blown away by how God has been faithful in directing my steps with starting and ending there, how He has carried me and given me strength on hard days and how He has given me joy. I’m excited to carry on this journey in my career with God guiding my steps in the new chapter starting tomorrow.

So here’s to new beginnings…


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