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The weekend that was

I feel like the weekend has just zoomed past – two minutes ago it was Friday and now it’s Monday.

Chocolate fudge, A little bit of crazyOn Saturday I attempted to make peanut butter chocolate fudge. I found the recipe on Outside In – An Alternative Lifestyle blog. My attempt ended up in a massive explosion of chocolate all over my husband and kitchen. I was using the stick blender whisk attachment and it kind of made a tornado of the mixture lifting it out the bowl and splattering it around the kitchen and David who was looking for a dish for me. It was VERY funny half an hour later after we had cleaned up the mess.

chocolate fudge, a little bit of crazy

I managed to salvage some of the mixture and the fudge turned out pretty good. I recommend you try it. Get the recipe here.

A little bit of crazy

After the mad cleaning up of chocolate mixture we headed out to a family breakfast with David’s mom. It was really nice to catch up with everyone and just chat about life and eat yummy food. breakfast was then followed by lunch with Tseli and Rory and there precious bundle of joy, Joshua. I made a chicken┬ásoup, which turned out better than I thought. It was really nice catching up with them and learning more about what they are doing in Lesotho. They are missionaries working there.

David and I then went to visit his grandpa who fell ill on Saturday morning. On Saturday evening I went to a girls night and we watched Pitch Perfect 2. One of the things I realised when looking back at my crazy Saturday is how blessed I am with an amazing family, both with my own and David’s, as well as really awesome Godly friends who can encourage us, build us up and also just to hang out with and do life with.

On Sunday the plan was to have a chilled day gardening but it turned out to be a bit more intense than we planned. David started building the planter boxes for the vegetable garden and I battled the half dead lavender bush and root infested vegetable garden. The lavender was a bit easier than I thought – I just hope I haven’t killed the other half now and that it springs back to life. Our current vegetable garden is infested with tree roots and ivy roots which have been stealing nutrients from our vegetables and prohibiting them from growing. David build one square and one rectangular one. We manged to fill the square one and I moved some of the herbs and vegetables into it. The rectangular one has to wait until the end of the month for us to buy sand for it. I’m super excited to start growing new vegetables and herbs in it.

Planter box, a little bit of crazy

We went to bed the earliest ever on Sunday – we were in bed and asleep by 8pm, I think and it was BEST SLEEP EVER! I’m looking forward to some more good sleep this coming weekend when we go away for a few days. Super amped for our mini holiday in Franskraal this coming week.

Have a good week everyone!




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